How to Join

Membership applications are welcomed whether you are a novice, beginner, improver or experienced golfer. For any non-golfers, we offer a House membership at the Club which allows you to enjoy our friendly and varied social calendar and also benefit from members' discounts on restaurant meals and over the bar.

Membership, in all categories, is currently available and we warmly welcome new members. Please contact the Managing Secretary now if you are interested by calling 01786 821527 or by sending an email to

The Board has set the current joining fee to zero and membership is offered to new members on the basis of payment of a monthly fee as follows:

Dunblane New Golf Club Membership categories and Subscriptions (2024)

( *Additional annual affiliation fee's apply. Gents £17.50 per annum. Ladies £14.00 per annum.)

Category Amount
Full - aged 30 or over : £872.00*
Young Adult - 18 - 21 : £436.00*
Young Adult - 22 - 25 : £654.00*
Young Adult - 26 - 30 : £741.20*
Junior Amount
Under 14: £60
14 - Under 16: £90.00
16 - Under 18: £120.00

House Spouse membership is available free to spouses of Full members.

Category Amount
House £42

Payment Methods

Annual subscriptions can be paid in one of 2 ways :

1 By monthly direct debit, commencing on 6th October prior to the start of the membership year, and ending on 6th September. Any increase agreed at the AGM will be collected by adjustment of the direct debit from February.

New members admitted during the year can set up a Direct Debit instruction to commence as soon as possible. Payments from the date of the first collection until September will cover the first year of membership and subsequent years will commence in October.

2 By a single payment which is due on January 1st , and must be paid in full by 31st January. Single payments received later than 31st January will incur a late payment charge, which is set by the Board.